Welcome Letter

Dear Friend,
So you’re interested in cohousing? We enjoy sharing information with you about what we believe is a very special place.

Eno Commons is a safe, close-knit neighborhood with remarkable facilities. Our site combines an open meadow, beautiful woods and a rocky creek, with the peaceful feeling of a rural setting while being located 15 minutes from the center of town. By acting on our values of being energy efficient, environmentally friendly and inclusive, our neighborhood has created an affordable passive solar neighborhood and the first geothermal neighborhood in the Triangle area. We are also one of the first mixed-age wheelchair-accessible neighborhoods in the state.

Our members include a mix of people who are coupled and single, with kids and without, older and younger. We espouse no particular philosophy or ideology, other than the desire to live in a supportive and caring neighborhood. There are some values that we do share, which are explored in our Vision Statement. These might be best summarized as balance and harmony. The Eno Commons group tends to listen and respond to each member’s concerns and needs, rather than establishing rules or hard lines.

Please explore our web site. If you have questions or comments, or would like to arrange a tour of the neighborhood, please email us .

The Members of Eno Commons