What Makes Eno Commons Special?

A Beautiful Setting

A park-like neighborhood perfect for walking, with organic gardens, mature trees, a field for sports, and a woodland creek leading to the Eno River.

Convenient Location

Eno Commons is a 22 household cohousing community in Durham. The 11.2 acre site is a stone’s throw from the Eno River Park and just six miles from the center of downtown Durham. Twenty two households is a size considered near optimum for a balance of privacy and participation.

A Blend of Privacy and Community

Eno Commons offers the opportunity to have both the privacy of your own home and yard, and the option of gathering with neighbors in the Commons House and community property. Natural areas offer beautiful spots for solitude or walks with friends.

A neighborhood with people of all ages and abilities creates a sense of extended family. We believe that a neighborhood with a diversity of residents is a more vibrant place. We are accessible to people of all physical abilities: with the site plan, Commons House, and home designs all planned with accessibility and wheelchairs in mind. People of all ages, races, religious beliefs, and affectional preferences are invited to make Eno Commons their home.

A Good Place to Eat

Neighborhood meals offer at least two good things: a chance to eat home-cooked sit-down meals with good company, and a chance to do the preceding without always having to spend time cooking.  Sharing meals in our Commons House about eight times a month is an important part of our community.  We have Sunday and Tuesday evening meals every week and parties for all occasions.


Children learn what they live.  Our children are learning about independence, inter-dependence, diversity, ecology, consensus, and how to be good neighbors in a supportive community through their every day experiences.  From the time they decide to participate at the age of two or three, children can help make some of the community rules.  They clear their places at community meals, leave their shoes on all of our porches, run through the meadow (or more likely around Sam and Margaret’s yard) with their friends, get homework help from all of us, follow animal tracks through the woods, or choose to be alone.  (The neighborhood is good for parents too – we spend a lot less time in our cars by pooling rides and not having to takes kids to as many play dates.)

Healthy Low-Maintenance, Efficient Homes.

To compliment the passive solar design, each home at Eno Commons is heated and cooled by a geothermal (ground-source) heat pump, the most efficient, low maintenance heating and cooling systems. Power bills are proving to be quite low.  Many other low maintenance features are included, and the homes were designed to minimize use of toxic materials.

A semi-rural feeling, just minutes from downtown and all major highways

The beautiful features of Eno Commons’ 11.2 acre site are preserved by a design which focuses on people, not cars. By limiting the road, we create a neighborhood safer and more pleasant for children and adults and which preserves large portions of our land undisturbed for wildlife. Eno Commons combines a vibrant environment with the support that makes life easier. Golf courses, gyms, pools and other recreational facilities along with music, theater, arts and universities are within minutes of our neighborhood. World class medical facilities are just 10 minutes away.

Mutual Respect

We believe we can help each other and live with greater appreciation of the earth’s resources. With simplicity and day-to-day respect for each person and for the land itself, we are creating an innovative, peaceful neighborhood nestled by the Eno River.