Eno Commons Home Designs

Originally, we expected Eno Commons to include at least two custom homes in addition to the chosen home designs.  However, the homes we designed together are so attractive that everyone chose to build one of them.  Our home designs were commissioned by our developer and created collaboratively with the membership. Our architect is Jeff Davis of Cline Davis Architects, who has won many national awards. Our builder is Craig Morrison, of Cimarron Homes. Craig brings a proven ability to build affordable, energy-efficient homes.

Our homes are unique in our area because they are:

  • Healthy, low maintenance, and extremely space-efficient.
  • Passive solar, designed to let the sun in in winter and shade it out in summer, and use geothermal heat pumps, which provide amazing comfort and quiet.
  • The base version of our homes include many extras like oak cabinets, high quality windows, premium bath fans, outside vented range hoods, Hardiplank siding and cellulose insulation.

Space, the final frontier

Eno Commons’ homes provide more usable space than their square footage indicates. They use each inch well.

While the square footage of average American homes has ballooned over the last two decades, all of the Eno Commons’ designs favor utmost efficiency in their use of space. Why pay to build wasted space, then heat, cool, clean and maintain it for the life of the house? Overblown houses are an environmental burden, as well as a personal burden.

Take a look at House A – Three bedroom

Take a look at House B – Four bedroom

Beautiful Site

Our top two site values are to be environmentally sensitive to the land and to create shared spaces that encourage spontaneous interaction. Other values include affordability, safety, accessibility, and a diversity of more private and more “public” lots. the Eno River Park is about 250 feet south of our land, and easily entered.

Take a look at the Site Plan:

Site Plan Overview
Sky View